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The Benefits Of Platinum Parasols

Our collection of Platinum Parasols offer the ideal solution for making the most of your garden, even in unpredictable British weather. While a parasol alone can greatly enhance the appearance of your outdoor space, combining the right parasol with the right base gives you more than just better style. The perfect pairing can create a practical area that will provide shade and comfort in any season.

Provides Shade

If you're looking for shade from a sun-drenched area, then an outdoor parasol is the ideal solution. Parasols come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from rectangular and square parasols, to circular models, so there's sure to be one that will perfectly fit the space you have available. Choosing parasols that have the flexibility of turning and tilting the canopy  will enable you to have shade wherever you want it.  

Platinum Parasol

Protects From Rain And Wind

The right design will complement any garden furniture or patio set and extend the use of the great outdoors. But, there’s more to these accessories than just their appearance. A high quality parasol base will protect your investment from the elements. When you combine it with a parasol canopy that is made from strong, water repellent fabric and durable fixings, you get an item that can withstand even strong winds and heavy rainfall. You’ll be able to enjoy your parasol all year long without worrying about it losing its shape or being damaged by harsh weather conditions. This also makes parasols the perfect addition come Autumn/Winter, as the large canopy can protect you and your guests from the elements.

Platinum Parasol

Blocks Harmful UV Rays

If you’re looking to protect yourself from the sun, a Platinum Parasol is a great way to do it. They block both UVA and UVB rays, which means that you won’t be exposed to the harmful effects of the sun. This is great news for your health, but also for your garden furniture as the strong sun rays can lighten, fade or damage outdoor furniture over time. Not to forget, our outdoor furniture pieces, and parasols have a suggested Aerocover, to add further protection from the unpredictable weather and fading from the sun, when not in use.

Ruma Platinum Parasol

Provides Privacy

If your home has an outdoor area that is visible from surrounding neighbours, then an outdoor parasol will provide privacy in your garden by blocking out unwanted eyesight. For an extra level of privacy and flexibility, choose a parasol with a tilt function allowing you to position the piece in any direction, such as the Platinum Icon, Platinum Voyager or Platinum Challenger.

Creates An Ambient Focal Point

A Platinum Parasol is a great way to add a focus point to your garden. You can choose from a wide range of sizes and styles, so you can be sure to find one that will suit your needs. If you want something both decorative and functional then our range of beautiful Platinum Glow Parasols are just that. Allow the integrated LED lights to keep the atmosphere late into the evening.

Glow Parasol

How To Select The Right Parasol

The first thing to do is measure your space and choose a parasol that fits but doesn't overwhelm the room you have to work with. You'll also need to check that there's enough space for opening and closing it. If you have a large garden, opt for one with a tilt function so that it can be positioned at different angles in order to direct the shade wherever required. If you have a smaller garden, a great choice is the Platinum Riva, measuring at 2.5m across, leaving plenty of space for other furniture. The Riva has a central pole, which can be placed in the centre of a suitable outdoor dining table, creating additional space for your outdoor seating sets.

The next step is choosing your preferred colour. There are many different colours available - from the on-trend anthracite grey, to neutral taupe. Darker colours are often popular in larger spaces, whereas lighter shades are ideal for smaller patios or decks, where you want to make the area seem more spacious than it is. If you are looking for something more neutral, the olive green parasols are a great choice, blending seamlessly into a natural, green outdoor space.

Platinum Parasol

Parasols are truly a fantastic solution to enjoying the outdoors, whether you're entertaining guests or relaxing with your family. The right parasol and base combination can offer a tranquil and relaxing spot within your garden, even if the weather isn't entirely cooperating. These solutions can also be a beautiful expansion of your outdoor living space, creating a functional and pleasant area for everyone in your family to enjoy. Discover the entire Platinum Parasol range here.

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Platinum Riva 2.5m Round Champagne Parasol
Platinum Riva 2.5m Round Champagne Parasol
Platinum Riva 2.5m Round Champagne Parasol
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Platinum Glow Grey 3m Square Parasol