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Cosy Home Decor Ideas To Make Your House Feel Homely

For the ultimate cosy interior design, learn how to decorate your home with the right furniture, accessories, and décor. The key to creating a truly comfortable atmosphere is in the detail, and there are tons of ways to achieve that feeling of cosy home decor you're looking for. We have pulled together some ideas to help you accomplish that goal.

Lanterns And Candle Holders

In today's fast-paced world, we are often looking for ways to slow down and relax. Incorporating candle holders and lanterns into our homes is a great way to do just that.

Ruma lantern

Perfect for creating an intimate atmosphere in a dining room or living room, discover how lanterns could add a touch of romance or whimsy to your home decor. Lanterns come in many shapes and sizes so there is one out there for every style preference. If you're going for a contemporary look then try a metal lantern such as the Santina Matt Black Lantern, or opt for a sleek tea light holder that retains its elegance through its simplicity and can be arranged in multiples for a complete look.

Ambient Lighting Is The Key

No matter what you’re doing to create that cosy decor, it’s the lighting that you opt for that makes a real difference. Think about the bulbs that you’re using and the effect that they’re having on your room. You can choose warmer organic light bulbs that can be used to create a feeling of calm and peacefulness.

Ruma Table Lamp

Rather than just focus on ceiling lights, you can achieve more by incorporating floor and table lights into the mix. This will help to create an even, more intimate ambience in your room. Think about your seating arrangements too – do you want low level lighting around a coffee table? Or perhaps targeted light in a reading corner? Whatever kind of lighting scheme you choose, make sure it complements your interior design scheme as well as providing sufficient illumination for any activities taking place in the room at any time of day or night.

Use Rugs For That True Cosy Feel

When it comes to cosy home ideas, rugs are certainly worth a look. If you choose your colours wisely, they can bring a real sense of comfort and warmth to any room. Choose the right material and you also give your feet a treat as you feel the softness between your toes.

Ruma Rug

Of course, beyond all of this, rugs are practical too. The feeling of warmth and cosiness can extend to a design statement; how about either a softly patterned rug with an antique design that evokes travel and artisan crafts, or an on trend monochrome design juxtaposed with a deeper pile for the ultimate ‘I’m home’ feeling? Or if pattern isn’t your thing, then a softly textured rug made from a number of tonal colours to create texture and interest, could be. Opt for a low pile a rectangular or circular rug or runner in high traffic areas such as the entrance hall or kitchen, or choose a soft, or deeper pile for the living and sleeping areas.  

Make The Most Of Vases

When creating inviting interiors, they can really benefit from the inclusion of beautiful vases dotted around the home. Evoking a sense of serenity with stylish focal points, is the key to creating a cosy home experience.

Ruma Vases

Nothing brings that sense of peace and calm into a home the way that greenery does. Whether you’re looking at including colourful blooms or even a crisp glass vase full of dried stems and pampas grass, it’s important to find the right style and shape of vase to showcase your favourites.

Incorporate Autumnal Colours

It’s okay to focus on the colours of your fabrics, but to get the ultimate cosy decor, you need to be looking at colours as a whole. It’s not just accessories that matter. It’s your walls, the carpets, and the doors, but particular thought should be placed on mirrors, clocks and frames around the home.

Ruma Candle Holders

You can find relaxing colours such as pale blues and deep greens that can create a calming feel for any season. If you’re looking for a colour that brings warmth, you can achieve this with colours such as copper brown and antique brass. By carefully selecting the colours that you use in your home, and accessorising with the bolder choices, you can ensure you can be on trend
and seasonally relevant whilst maintaining a cosy, peaceful living space all year round.

Add Texture To Your Interior

Adding texture is one of our favourite ways to make a room feel cosy, adding depth and interest without being too loud or overwhelming. We love using woven storage baskets or luxurious velvet for extra character. You can also mix contrasting textures across furniture pieces to complement the room and create an overall style that works for your home. Combine a wooden dining table with leather chairs, or throw a sheepskin rug over a wooden bench for adding warmth and comfort.

Ruma Storage basket

There is nothing better than coming home to a warm and welcoming home. There are plenty of options when it comes to making a room, or your entire home, feel cosy throughout the colder months of the year. Experiment with different styles and ideas to create the ambience that you love. We hope you managed to find some cosy interior decor inspiration for your home. Visit our Home Accents Collection for easy and quick changes you can make to your cosy interior design.