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Upcoming Interior Trends For 2023

Homeowners are always looking for ways to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their home whilst improving the level of comfort and functionality. There are many homes that follow the latest trends and others that seek to establish a unique style that cannot be found elsewhere. The choice of interior trends often depends on personal preferences, budget allowances and other factors such as the size of a particular room or the overall design theme. We're already seeing hints at what the future may hold in interior design. The most fashionable trends are set to dominate our homes in the next few years, so we've rounded up some of the most exciting ones.

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Golden Tones

Metallic accents are everywhere - gold metal lighting, gold accents on furniture or mirrors and clocks are just some of the ways you can embrace this trend. If you're looking for a way to update your home without drastic changes, this might be it. They're a throwback look that's perfect for those who prefer a more classic style but with a kitsch new updated look. 

Our curated collection of gold lighting is sure to showcase your unique style, from table lamps to filament bulbs; we can offer the complete decorative lighting solution for the discerning interior enthusiast. Pair this with the stunning selection of gold toned furniture, with side tables and consoles that add both style and functionality to any space. Create synergy throughout your home with sleek, sophisticated additions to your home.

Our large offering of luxe gold home accents are the perfect finishing touch. Whether you’re looking for a clock to adorn your walls or a statue to take your mantelpiece to the next level, our offering is sure to help bring the trend into your space with minimal effort.

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Scandi Look White Lamps

Lamps with clean lines and simple shapes will be everywhere in 2023. They're the perfect complement to minimalist homes and spaces with lots of natural light or white walls. You can personalise with a statement bulb or textured lamp shade to change their look and feel. White lamps let you showcase your unique style, with ambient solutions for every space.

To introduce this trend into your home, look to table lamps perfect for bedside tables and consoles, floor lamps ideal for your home office or living room or clean lamp shades that show off the pieces true beauty. Bringing a sense of calm to your home, clean white lighting can be paired with bolder, more daring colours elsewhere, to create synergy in your space. 

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Luxe Outdoor Lighting

A new trend in outdoor lighting is the use of luxe metals and glass to create ambience when the sun goes down (or those dark nights close in). The result is a luxurious and sophisticated look that gives your home exterior a lift. Luxury outdoor lighting is often made from metallic finishes such as silver, copper, brass or bronze, and of course, they're designed to last. 

Finding the perfect garden lighting solution depends on the use. Choose outdoor fisherman lights to create illumination and add extra security to your home, spot lights for directing the light towards a back door or porch or chimney lights perfect for entertaining into the night. 

Natural Materials

Natural rattan, seagrass and woven materials are set to be the next big thing in interior design. From storage baskets to rugs, it’s all about getting back to nature with your interiors.

From seagrass, water hyacinth and rattan, storage baskets have many functional uses throughout the home. Ideal for bathroom items, your favourite magazines or for holding laundry, using natural woven materials adds both style and function to every corner of your home.

Natural materials are also a great choice when it comes to rugs, with neutral colours and simple textures designed to complement any room, blending in with all styles of decor. With their versatile look, the rugs offer a homely touch and hint of charm.

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Luxury Monochrome

The minimalist look is still going strong, with simple shapes and plain colours favoured over busy patterns and textures. Black console tables, marble coffee tables and dark pine drawer units are the way forward for interior design. Monochromatic rooms look elegant and sophisticated, using one colour across all elements of a room creates a sense of unity, while also allowing you to use bolder tones in furniture and accessories. The key is to choose one key piece – such as a rug or some lighting – which will complement the rest of your style.

Black is often paired with white and gold in furniture, to provide a luxe look that modernises any space. When introducing this trend into your home, look to black side tables that can be accessorised with bolder colours or black velvet seating to bring a theme together.

Ruma Monochrome

Multi Purpose Spaces

From desks that double up as console tables, to comfy cocktail chairs in the bedroom, multi-purpose furnishings are becoming increasingly popular. This trend is especially suited for smaller homes, where space is at a premium. Multi-purpose spaces allow you to seamlessly move from one activity to another. Your kitchen may have been designed for cooking, but it could also be used as a workspace or an entertainment centre. The open plan trends seen in recent years make multi purpose spaces easier to create, with a greater emphasis on flexible layouts that allow for different uses. This is in part due to the growing popularity of the Scandinavian style, which has a minimalist aesthetic that can be easily adapted to suit most interior styles. 

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The trends mentioned in this roundup will likely dominate our homes in the next few years, and it seems that some of the more cutting-edge designs have already been put into practice. These trends are a great way to get inspired and fill your home with some fresh new design ideas. If you're looking for a new way to spice up your design aesthetic, shop our curated collection to find your next favourite interior piece!