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Bringing the Outside Indoors

Explore Our Vases Collection

Bring a touch of nature into your home with our range of stylish and swoon-worthy vases, like our Girona Clear Glass Waisted VaseFrom sophisticated glass to statement stoneware vases, we have one for all your décor desires. No matter if you opt for a glorious bouquet or you prefer minimalist styled cuttings, a new vase is guaranteed to bring a refreshing new look to your home. 
If you are seeking a beautiful addition to your home, below are a few tips on selecting the perfect vase for your space.

Vase Shape

Small, tall, wide, slim...

We have a wide selection of shaped vases to match your stylish décor. The shape of your vase all comes down to personal preference and what you want to put in it. Our Amira vases add a beautiful golden accent to your space and are available in a large tapered size, large cylinder and small cylinder, ideal for grouping in a trio.

Explore our range today! You won't be disappointed. 

Vase Location

From the table to the floor to the bookcase, you can show off your florals just about anywhere in your house.

If you are looking for the perfect vase for a table, we would recommend a smaller vase for an elegant yet simple finish.

Opting for a floor vase? Then bigger is definitely better. A bigger vase will be sturdier so you don't have to worry about it being knocked over and provide the perfect focal point in any room.

Vase Material

There are many vase materials to consider, from classic glass to rustic stoneware to statement metal.   

Want a clean look? Then opt for a crystal clear glass vase, that allows light to pass through for that crisp feel.  Looking for a rustic or Scandi vibe, then opt for our stoneware vases, beautiful, sturdy and textured. All our stoneware vases from our tall Nalabo to our rounded Madumi are sealed so they can happily be filled with water and blooms. Or dreaming of a luxurious finish, our metal vases are defiantly the one for you. Offering an elegant brass metal feel for those modern spaces.