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Springtime Feel

Springtime Feel

As the warmer weather starts to make an appearance and the once cosy, autumnal tones in your interior space need a refresh, it's time to get that springtime feel. Lift your space and your mood with light tones to brighten your space and luxurious textures including our oh-so gorgeous velvet seating collection.

Ruma Pink Velvet Seating

Soft blush pink tones and comforting greys compliment perfectly for a delicate, colour palette. Pair these with dots of silver accent pieces and an abundance of stylish clear glass vases, filled with fresh blooms. 

Ruma Home Accents

Add a little boutique glamour with characterful lighting pieces. Our Atra pineapple table lamps have a timeless, elegant charm, whilst letting you really dress your space with personality. Pair with a neutral shade for a subtle finish or go ultra-luxe with a velvet colour pop alternative. 

ruma Lighting