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Tempting Textures

Explore Our Tempting Textures

Summer 2021 is all about exploring texture and reinventing your space. It's time to push the boundaries and experiment. From the soft velvets of our seating collection to natural woods in our furniture collection, these textures can transform your space.
these textures can transform your space.

Sumptuous Velvets

Soft, Plush, Smooth, Lavish...

These are just a few ways to describe popular velvet textures. Velvet is sweeping the nation and taking the interior design world by storm. Introduce velvets into your home through chairs, sofas and matching pouffes. Explore the full range here.
Explore our range and add a luxurious finish to your decor.
these textures can transform your space.
Ruma Velvet Chair

Rustic And Raw

It's time to strip back the sparkle, think industrial and embrace the unfinished look. Consider hints of wood, concrete, metal or leather with our seating collection.
This trending look is sure to impress from every angle. You can add a raw and rustic feel to your decor using our range of seating and furniture.
these textures can transform your space.
Ruma Concrete Table

Woven Naturals

An all round lovely texture. Woven naturals combine intricate detailing with style and functionality. Ideal for any room in the house including bathroom, bedroom or kitchen. Take a peek at our woven storage baskets and brand new woven seagrass rugs to add a timeless addition to your home.

Ruma Storage basket