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How To Measure Up For The Correct Aerocover

The Aerocover is a premium garden furniture cover that is specifically designed to protect your outdoor furniture from the elements. It’s perfect for those who want to ensure their patio furniture is protected, whether it be during the summer or winter months. The Aerocover is offered in many sizes across all variations of furniture types, so ensuring you select the right cover can be overwhelming, so we have demystified this process of how to measure and ensure a good fit, using the steps below.

Why Is It Important To Protect My Garden Furniture And Accessories?

No matter what season it is, summer or winter, it's always fun to spend time outdoors, even better if you're comfortable. If we don't protect our garden furniture properly, the elements will find any weakness and make themselves at home. The sun, wind and rain can cause damage to furniture overtime. Once you invest in a quality set of outdoor furniture it is important to protect it from the elements. Using an Aerocover for your garden furniture is the best way to ensure your furniture is ever ready for use during those lazy summer days and elongate the life of your outdoor living furniture pieces. 


Why Are Aerocovers Superior?

Unlike other garden furniture cover alternatives, the Aerocover is made from lightweight ripstop polyester fabric, which protects against fading and cracking that could potentially occur over time. This fabric also has the added benefit of a breathable membrane, transporting moisture outside and preventing water, dust and dirt damage. In addition, the Aerocover is environmentally friendly in that the materials are fully recycled when no longer required, so you can enjoy your outdoor furniture all year round, knowing you are not having a negative impact on the planet.


What Type Of Covers Are Available?

Our range of garden furniture covers and parasol covers offer protection for a multitude of styles, from parasols, swing seats and dining sets  to the largest or smallest garden lounge sets. The depth of the Aerocover range means you can ensure the best fit for your furniture.  

Why Is A Good Fit Essential?

A good fit is essential to get the full protection that an Aerocover offers. A cover that's too large may allow water, dust and dirt to get in. A cover that's too small may be too stretched and put unnecessary pressure on the cover and the furniture within, and also may not cover all of the required area.


Where Do I Start?

Most of our furniture sets and accessories have an option to select the correct Aerocover with your purchase and we do recommend that you add one of those. However, if you need an Aerocover for any existing outdoor living pieces, this guide is for you! 

Before you buy a cover for your furniture, you need to make sure that you have the right measurements. An accurate measurement of the length, width and height of your furniture is required, of how you will position your furniture when it is to be covered. This is important as you will need to consider whether you would like different covers for the summer and winter months. 

For example; do you want to cover your furniture as it is placed when in use? This format is especially helpful during the summer months when your furniture is getting a lot of use but you may want to consider a different size for winter storage. You may possibly want to use the least space possible when storing for  longer periods, at which point, a different sized Aerocover would be useful. All you need to do is position the furniture as you would like to store it and take the measurements at that point; height, width and don’t forget the depth, always allowing a couple of centimetres on the actual measurement so that you can get the cover on and off easily.

Along with the recommended care for your furniture’s specific material, (check out our Care Guide for further information) the Aerocovers offer the perfect way to protect your garden furniture and ensure the furniture you have invested in, will last for years to come.  The key to ensuring a good fit is in the measurements, and hopefully we have given you some tips as to how to achieve the best fit with our Measuring Guide.

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