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How To Insert A Gas Cartridge

How To Insert A Gas Cartridge

The Cosiscoop Fire Lanterns are perfect for adding ambience to any social event, whether you are looking for a stylish atmosphere in your home, or movement and light for your outdoor space. 

It's simple, just follow our guide below to get maximum enjoyment out of your Cosiscoop Fire Lanterns.  

Step 1 - Open

Hold the device upright and ensure the control knob is turned off. Turn the black ring at the base in a clockwise direction to remove it from the Cosiscoop. Once the old cartridge has been removed, place the new gas cartridge upright in the black ring.

Step 2 - Place

Place the ring, along with the gas cartridge back into the Cosiscoop. Turn the ring in an anti-clockwise direction until it can't be turned any further, ensuring the ring clicks in place.

Ensure the Cosiscoop is placed upright on a non-flammable surface. If the Cosiscoop comes with pebbles or glass, place this on the top, ensuring the pebbles don't cover the burner.

Step 3 - Enjoy

Ignite a long lighter (at least 140mm) and hold it close to the burner. Turn the control knob to on and the Cosiscoop will start burning. To extinguish the flame, turn the knob to the off position.

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