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Parasol Care Guide


Parasols are the perfect solution for protecting us against the sun whilst still enjoying the warm weather. Please follow our little guide below for safe operation of your parasol and enhance the life of your parasol.


- Parasols should be closed after use and stored away in high winds.

- Ensure that nothing comes into contact with the parasol when opening or closing. You definitely don’t want to get stuck inside a parasol!

- Parasols should be secured with the correct size base.

To Use

- Remove the band and gently pull the fabric between the ribs to release it.

- Slide the hand grip upwards and open the parasol using the handle. Turn the handle gently in the indicated direction, but do not force the handle. If the parasol does not open easily, you must gently pull the ribs loose.

- Always place the cover in the horizontal position before you move the handle higher or lower.

- Ensure that the parasol is fully open and taut during use.

- After closing the parasol, pull out all fabric sections separately and completely between the ribs. Roll up the fabric sections on top of each other and use the band to secure them to the pole.


- Check the screws and bolts on a regular basis and tighten them if needed.

- If the parasol is wet it must be dried in the fully opened position. If a wet parasol has to be closed, open it again as soon as possible and allow it to dry completely.

- To keep your parasol from wear and tear use a protective cover when the parasol is not in use and ensure that the parasol is completely dry before covering.

- Store the parasol in a cool, dry space.

- To clean the parasol, use lukewarm water, soft detergent and a soft sponge. Use a soft brush to remove surface dirt and dust.

- Use a damp cloth to wipe away any glide marks on the aluminium profiles.

Ruma Parasol

Parasol Bases

Our functional and stylish parasol bases are an essential accessory when using a parasol to ensure that you have no wobbles and that your parasol is kept in a secure, stable position

Are you sitting comfortably? Then here is our guide to keeping you and your parasol base safe and sound!


- The product is really heavy and must always be moved by a minimum of 2 adults.

- The handles that are attached to the bases, are intended for carefully moving the base; these handles may not, under any circumstances, be used to lift the bases.

- The base size must be appropriate for the size of the parasol.

To Use

- Always move a parasol base with swivel wheels slowly across your terrace. If your terrace is uneven, we advise you to lift the parasol base over any lumps and bumps instead of just pulling the parasol base over them. If you hit a bump in the road, the wheels underneath the parasol base may break off, so take it steady!

- Always apply all brakes on a parasol with swivel wheels in order to prevent it from rolling away. No one wants to be chasing a parasol base down the hill.


- A stainless-steel cleaner can be used to easily remove rust on stainless steel tubes.

- Granite can become discoloured after some time. You can restore the colour by using a granite colour intensifier. Everything/one needs a bit of maintenance from time to time…

During the winter months, we advise you to cover the parasol base or place it indoors.

Ruma Parasol Base