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Time For A Clock Upgrade?

With the key responsibility of keeping time on your side, clocks are essential household items to be found in most homes. Home, office and everywhere in-between…we've got clocks for every room. There are timepieces to suit every taste, from bold and bright to simple, classic and elegant. So make sure you're on time, no matter where you are with a new clock from Ruma.


Skeleton Clocks

Skeleton clocks are those that have the mechanism displayed against an open frame and numerals, making the time truly beautiful. Skeleton clocks make for the perfect addition to a living room, kitchen or hallway, or anywhere that needs a quirky but functional touch. These remarkable timepieces are a true talking point which will make visitors stand and stare with amazement. With skeleton clocks, the time is truly in the eyes of the beholder as your own choice of wallpaper or paint shows through, ensuring your new clock will fit seamlessly into your decor. So whether you are choosing a clock for function or style, they are all beautiful in their own right. When choosing, decide what colour best suits your space, whether that's gold, black, silver or antique brass.

Desk & Carriage Clocks

Imagine the delight when you set your eyes on a truly beautiful piece — a classic desk or carriage clock will fit the bill exactly. Its simple, yet thoughtful design will be the perfect centrepiece to any desk or mantlepiece. Small but mighty, a desk clock is sure to enhance your home office space and keep you perfectly on time. Pair your carriage clock with a vase or lantern, to create a stylish mantlepiece. We also stock smaller carriage clocks, perfect for placing on your bedside table or dressing table. Carriage clocks are defined by their compact size and decorative design — making them an ideal gift for loved ones who like to surround themselves with beautiful items. If you'd like to add some personality to your bedroom space, one of our stylish carriage clocks will be sure to do the trick.

Wooden Clocks

Whether circular or square, our natural wooden clock collection ticks all the right style boxes. Perfectly tailored to home interiors with a cosy, minimalist vibe, wooden wall clocks have never looked better. From natural mango wood to walnut and oak, our range is truly impressive in both design and detail. These rustic timepieces are perfect for modern homes and blend in with plenty of different interior styles. For example, a traditional round wood wall clock is an ideal finishing touch to a country kitchen or dining room. And if you want to spend some time checking out the vintage vibes of your living room or bedroom, hang up an antique-effect style and admire its timeless appeal.

Metal Clocks

Metal clocks are the ideal way to add a rustic, and contemporary feel to your space. Industrial designs play on raw metal while adding edgy appeal to any decor. Vintage and industrial metal clocks have been one of the hottest design trends over the last few years. There's something about the industrial age that often draws people in — strong bold lines, a simple purpose and pure functionality. When it comes to home decor, having clocks which match your home's decor is essential to making your home more inviting.

Whether your clock is there to grab attention or make a simple statement, a new wall clock from Ruma could make all the difference. We have clocks for every room in your home, both classic and contemporary designs and available in a variety of finishes to suit your interior style. We stock more than just clocks, too - why not browse our selection of stunning home accents to enhance your space?