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Decorative LED Light Bulb Ideas For Your Home

LED Light Bulbs

There are many decorative LED light bulb ideas that can help your rooms glow to life and provide a certain touch to otherwise less atmospheric corners. We have outlined some of these exciting ideas and concepts that you can use to create the perfect lighting environment for your kitchen, home office, bedroom, or any room in your home. If you want to give your home an updated look by adding some decorative lighting the right way, then following LED bulb ideas may be just what you need. 
Decorative LED light bulbs are a great way to add some extra style and flair to your home. LED bulbs also have the added benefit of being energy efficient and with a long life span. These flexible bulbs provide us with a multitude of home lighting options.

Kitchen bulb

Kitchen Lighting 

Neat, decorative LED bulbs over a kitchen island can be a perfect fit for highlighting a centrepiece. If this is going to be your first idea of using a decorative LED bulb, then you need to plan ahead and know how you’re going to place the light in the right position. This will help ensure that it catches the eye from an angle and illuminates your island without being too bright or glaring. Pair your LED bulb with a pendant that can be hung low in multiples to create just the right level of ambiance. Pick a statement globe bulb or opt for a smoke filament bulb for added interest when hosting guests.

Bedroom bulb

Bedroom Lighting

Decorative LED light bulbs are great for creating a more intimate atmosphere for a room that should provide a relaxing, calming space. Decorative bulbs come in various colours, shapes, sizes and designs so you can be sure to choose one that complements the existing décor of the room. Pair a single LED bulb with a stunning hanging pendant in the centre of the room, or place 2 either side of the bed, suspended from the ceiling. Whether you are looking for more of the cosy, romantic atmosphere or more of the bold, trendy look, there are bedroom lighting ideas that are perfect for any occasion. Feature a lustre filament bulb alone to create its own drama, or showcase an organic shape with a vintage bulb that provides a rustic feel.

Desk Bulb

Home Office Lighting

Light is an essential element in a room and this especially applies to a home office or workspace. With decorative LED light bulbs, you can create an artistic and functional element, to create your own space and atmosphere. They can be an easy way to update your office, or just freshen it up with a new look. LED light bulbs are great because they’re energy efficient, meaning you won’t need to keep replacing them as much as you would with regular light bulbs. Pair a statement LED light bulb with a metal pendant to create a smart office environment that you’ll love to spend time in. You’ll even find dimmable bulbs offering you even more flexibility day or night.
Featuring decorative lighting in different rooms in your house is not only practical, it can really enhance your room with some extra style. If you love the look of decorative LED light bulbs, you can shop our range here to find the perfect interior lighting solution for your home.