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Three Ways To Use Mirrors

Mirrors have many functions including providing a reflection, sprucing up your walls and creating a style statement. Whether you prefer a single glamour’s mirror or an arrangement of stylish mirrors, here at Ruma we have all the stylish mirrors you heart desires. 

Eros antique gold metal 2 oval section wall mirror

 Decorative Mirrors 

Decorative mirrors are essential if you want to make your house look like a home. No matter if you want a stand-alone statement or a stylish cluster of mirrors, these home essentials will bring a new lease of life to your space, all whilst remaining reflective beauties. 

Jackson dark grey metal 9 section square wall mirror

A Window Allusion

Larger mirrors can give the allusion of a window and make your room look bigger. They do this by bouncing around natural light to create a light and airy feel, whilst creating depth. Opt for a square or rectangular mirror with a panelled effect to simulate a window. Perfect for the landing or smaller rooms that might not have a window. 

Hera antique gold metal petal design round wall mirror

Illuminate Dark Areas

Place your mirror next to a light source for a radiant glow. Angled correctly you can use the reflection of your mirror to brighten those dark corners. Mirrors amplify the light in any room and help to create the perfect ambience throughout.

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Eros Antique Gold 2 Half Moon Section Wall Mirror
Hera Antique Gold Metal Petal Design Round Wall Mirror
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