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Introducing Texture With A Rug

These days, a home without a rug feels a little bare. Rugs make a perfect addition to any room because of their ability to bring pattern and texture into your space. Pattern and texture are crucial components for creating a focal point in any space by drawing the eyes from other busy elements. From woven rugs to sheepskin styles, there are many unique additions that will fit into your home perfectly. A good quality rug works wonders in both large and small spaces, whether you are livening up bare wood floors with a modern-luxe sheepskin rug or adding a rustic touch to a more traditional interior style.

Woven Rugs

Featuring a contemporary style, a beautiful woven rug will add a natural element to your space. Often made from seagrass or water hyacinth, the grass-like leaves are both durable and beautiful, and when woven together, provide the texturally rich rugs and carpets that interior designers and homeowners adore. The natural appeal of the woven surface is highlighted by the weave, making each rug one of a kind. They are an attractive, affordable and easily customisable option for anyone looking to spruce up their space.

A natural beige rug provides a relaxed look and feel to your décor. The casual woven style of this rug is ideal for pairing with other textiles. Personalise the space with contrasting and complementary colours for an inviting and comfortable look and feel. 

Grey sheepskin rug

Sheepskin Rugs

Sheepskin rugs offer a very unique look and feel compared to other types of rugs and can add some warmth and style to any room. The timelessness of sheepskin makes it a perfect addition to your home décor. It can add dimension, add comfort to a room and serve as a grounding factor for a room with several pieces of furniture. Although many people think of rugs only in the context of the floor, they can also be very functional and versatile when used on furniture. A sheepskin rug can add texture to a piece of furniture such as a chair or sofa and create a soothing effect when placed over a less-padded seat cushion.

Our range of sheepskin rugs are available in a variety of colours, so you can find one that best suits your interiors. Whether that be keeping things natural or introducing a pop of colour.

Plush rug

Plush Rugs

Most people are drawn towards big, plush rugs when it comes to adding some texture to your room, especially if you’re living in a space that’s dominated by hard surfaces such as wood and tiles. These popular rugs are often larger in size and so ideal for open spaces such as a snug or living room. We all spend hours in each room of our house whether it be cooking, relaxing, reading, watching the TV or simply conversing with our loved ones. The last thing we want is for these spaces to feel dull and unexciting. By introducing texture into your home with a larger rug you can instantly give any room a boost of personality.

Bold coloured rugs are a fab idea for a room where a burst of colour is needed. For minimalist spaces, a rug of a similar colour to the flooring will add interest and create a purposeful contrast.

Whether your decorating tastes are modern, classic, rustic or somewhere in between, there is an affordable rug that will work perfectly into your space. Having the right rug for your interiors is all about creating interest and focal points that will draw attention to the other decorative elements in your home.