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Redecorating your home? Here's 5 ideas that will inspire you!

Embrace A Fresh Colour Palette

Embracing a new colour palette can completely transform the look and feel of your home. Whether you choose a monochromatic scheme or a harmonious combination of complementary colours, embracing a new palette is a simple yet powerful way to breathe new life into your home. Try a bold and vibrant look with the radiant Andrea Tobacco Velvet Chair with Gold Legs and pair this with the gorgeous Aria Tobacco Velvet Buttoned Cylinder Pouffe to make a statement in your living space.

Encompass Nature With Indoor Plants 

Encompassing natural elements into your decor not only adds a touch of freshness and beauty but also creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Consider placing various plants, flowers, and greenery into one of our gorgeous vases, like the Saba Brass Metal Hammered Large Vase. Additionally, natural materials like wood, stone, and woven textures can be incorporated into furniture to create a nature-inspired ambience. Try the Massimo Acacia Wood Sideboard to add a clean finish with intricately etched detailing. 

Incorporate Textures And Patterns 

Experimenting with textures and patterns in home design can add depth, visual interest, and a touch of personality to your sanctuary. The incorporation of patterns can transform a space from simple to stunning, making it a true reflection of your personal style.  Embodying different textures, such as faux fur rugs, velvet sofas, or leather chairs, can create a soothing experience and make a room feel more inviting. Try our Marini Tobacco Velvet Cocktail Chair to add a velvet texture to your space.

Revamp Your Furniture Arrangement 

Revamping your furniture arrangement can breathe new life into your space, creating a lavish ambience. Consider the focal points of the room, such as a fireplace, and position your furniture to enhance these features. Choose statement pieces that exude elegance, such as plush velvet ottomans, ornate coffee tables, and exquisite accent chairs. This will transform your loved space into a functional yet gorgeous haven, enhancing your living space dramatically.

Incorporate Glass Into Your Home To Give A Clean Look

Adding a glass look to your home provides a hint of luxury, giving it a crisp and modern appearance that exudes refinement. From the Nazare Clear Bubble Glass Table Lamp to the Roux Clear Glass and Graphite Chain Drop Pendant, we have countless ways to incorporate this glamorous style into your living space. Glass ​​complements a minimalist aesthetic, creating a clean and contemporary style. With its sleek and timeless appeal, incorporating glass into your home can craft a modern twist.

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