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Here's 5 More Tips To Help You Redecorate Your Home

Revive Your Walls With Artwork Or Mirrors

Beautify your walls by adorning them with exquisite artwork or stunning mirrors. At Ruma, we understand the transformative power that a variety of pieces can have on your living space. Our wide range of wall decor captures the essence of glamour and beauty. From mesmerising animal prints, to captivating landscapes, each piece will add depth and character to your walls. Alternatively, our exquisite selection of mirrors reflects not only your unique style but also light and space, creating an aura of grandeur.

Here’s 5 more tips to help you redecorate your home

Update Your Space With A Cosy Rug

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living space and add a touch of comfort with our rugs. Our diverse collection of feature rugs cater to all tastes, from vintage to modern, sheepskin to woven. A rug can transform a room, providing an accent colour, and adding texture and warmth to any space. Whether you're looking to create a focal point or add a sense of refinement to your sitting area or bedroom, our curated selection of rugs will have exactly what you're looking for.

Here’s 5 more tips to help you redecorate your home

Set The Tone At Your Front Door

The front door is the gateway to your home, and setting the right tone here can instantly elevate the entire ambience of your space. We understand the importance of making a striking first impression, which is why we offer a stylish selection of hallway accessories.

Here’s 5 more tips to help you redecorate your home

Add the Moka Black Console Tables at the entrance of your home and place some of our beautifully detailed hallway accents on top of this to create a rich entrance view. This generously spacious console table will make a statement from the moment you enter through the door.

Declutter & Organise Your Belongings With Storage Solutions

When you declutter, you create a more calm and tranquil home. It allows you to utilise your space better and create designated areas for different items. Try our Constanza Black Velvet Buttoned Storage Bench to elegantly hide any clutter, whilst also providing a comfortable seat. Equally, the Ackerley Black Storage Side Table is a great addition to keeping your bedroom tidy with a minimalist look.

Here’s 5 more tips to help you redecorate your home

Creating a minimalistic and tidy living space involves embracing the concept of "less is more". By focusing on quality over quantity and letting go of excess possessions, you can create a place that feels peaceful and allows you to enjoy your relaxing home.

Give Every Room With A Focal Point

Giving every room in your home a focal point is a great way to create a sense of togetherness and theme across your haven. Each room can have its own unique focal point that serves as the centrepiece and sets the tone for the overall design. For example, in the living room, try a bold piece of furniture like our stylish Milena White Boucle Tub Chair to make a striking statement in your lounge.  This will capture guest’s attention and make each room shine uniquely.

Here’s 5 more tips to help you redecorate your home