First Thoughts

  • by Georgia

As the Rūma team gather together with our first après launch coffee in hand, at Whitestones Barn; Rūma’s creative HQ, perfectly placed amongst the beautiful Yorkshire countryside; we mull over the journey that has brought us here…


  1. to make into a room.
  2. room, chamber, space.

Four little letters that describe the culmination of experience, style and passion to bring together and mould something pretty special. From the clever creators of Pacific, a company well known for its flexible and accommodating service and who have been importing furniture and homeware for over 40 years…you’re in safe hands!

Our trade roots were born out of family values - proud to be friendly and genuine in what we do and therefore forming valuable relationships with our clients and suppliers alike. Whilst we are based in beautiful Yorkshire, we take our name from somewhere a little more exotic! With this in mind we took inspiration from the Pacific itself when it came to selecting a name, using the Maori word Rūma as our little nod to its origin and to keeping it in the family.

Here at Rūma we’ve developed a company that embraces all the good stuff from our trade foundations and brings together over 100 years of know-how to give you the insider knowledge, tips and tricks to create exquisite spaces in your home.

A symphony of hand selected pieces (our favourites) with a modern, fresh feel will keep you bang on trend and give you the show home wow you’ve been looking for.

Whether it’s one carefully considered piece that makes all the difference to your surroundings or a whole new makeover, we are here to guide you to make your perfect Rūma.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the carefully curated, irresistible collection of luxury home and living goodies to follow as Rūma has it!

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