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How To Choose Shaded Lighting

Shaded Lighting

Often referred to as mood lighting, this is the type of light source, be it floor, table or wall, that offers warmth and ambience for your relaxing spaces. The size of the lamp will be determined by the space available, so a floor lamp is great for putting in dark corners in need of some mood lighting without taking up any surface space, whilst a wall light can be a subtle answer to lighting your room and also showcase your pictures for example. Table lamps look great when more than one of the same style is placed around a room for synergy in the design and the Rūma team particularly like one either side of a dresser or console table offering the popular trend of ‘bookend’ styling.

You can also have the opportunity to personalise your space by choosing a shade in a colour to match your interior by selecting a base only option and then pairing it with one of our shades available. We recommend the correct size of shade and offer some alternative choices but you can choose any from our shade range confidently if you follow the suggested sizing.

 Alternatively, you can check out our ‘complete’ lamps that already have a shade selected for you. Either way, as long as the colours tie in with your chosen colour palette, that they are not too small or too big (all sizes are given for each lamp) and a style that compliments your interior theme then you can’t go wrong.

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