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How To Choose Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

All Ruma’s outdoor lighting has the requirements needed for safe outdoor luminaries.

The IP rating is what is important so here is an explanation for your information. Any lighting to be used outside where water is a possibility need an IP (Ingress Protection rating).  

Our outdoor lighting has a rating of IP44 or above. The first digit refers to the degree you’re protected from any contact with moving parts, and the degree the light is protected from anything getting inside. This ranges from ‘0’ (no special protection) to ‘6’ (dust-tight). The second digit indicates how much moisture (drips, spray or jets) the light can withstand. This ranges from ‘0’ (no special protection) to ‘8’ (protection from complete, continuous submersion in water). For example, an IP44 rating means nothing bigger than 1mm can get in, and it’s safe from splashing water.

We have several contemporary wall lights and floor spikes to illuminate your exterior with as much style as your interior.

Wall lights can illuminate your house, walkways and doorways and can offer security as well as safety. We also offer PIR options on some of our outdoor lighting (Passive Infrared) which means the light will come on when movement is detected.

Spikes are used in flower beds and pathways for ambience and to illuminate walkways and steps.