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Which Light Bulb?

Which Light Bulb?

On every lamp at Rūma, we advise what size and maximum wattage bulb should be used, unless they have integrated LED like some of our pendants.

We also advise that where possible choose the environmentally friendly LED option which are readily available in the relevant sizes.

Whilst we don’t supply everyday bulbs, we do have a carefully curated selection of statement filament bulbs, all designed to have the retro feel of an incandescent bulb, but with the advantage of being LED.

To make the most of these fabulous bulbs, use them where the bulb can be seen, so any light source with an exposed bulb, or even a pendant where you can see through glass. You will see some suggested statement bulbs on the ideal lamp bases and pendants throughout our website.

Hopefully we’ve helped a little here but if you are still unsure then contact our online assistant or contact our customer support team, they’ll be happy to advise.