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Spruce Up Your Garden With Stunning Platinum Parasols

Stunning Parasols

Summer is approaching fast, and in this glorious season you want your outdoor area to become an extension of your living space. A garden or patio can be an amazing place to relax with family and friends, entertain guests or just to get out and enjoy the fresh air. Our new range of Platinum Parasols set the tone for your outdoor space, creating a bright and colourful focal point to your garden or patio that invites you and your guests to relax and get comfortable. After selecting the perfect patio furniture and agreeing on where to place your barbecue, discover how choosing the right style and colour of outdoor parasol can be the icing on the cake, transforming your outdoor space into a sophisticated, stylish and personal oasis.

Round Parasols

Round Parasols

Round parasols are the traditional choice of garden parasol and are perfect for any outdoor area, small or large whether they are formal dining areas or informal areas of relaxation. Having been created for use outside, parasols in this shape will blend in easily with any garden design scheme, and will bring a sense of effortless elegance to your outdoor space. If you're thinking of adding some shade to a patio area, round parasols are perfect for providing that extra shade without overcasting the terrace. Our Platinum round parasols are perfect for standing over an outdoor seating area or round al fresco dining table. With a range of stylish and modern colours you are sure to find a round garden platinum parasol to suit you and your outdoor aesthetic.

Ruma Platinum Parasol

Square Parasols

Square Parasols are a growing trend in garden furniture, coming in a wide variety of beautiful colours to match the decor of your outdoor space. Square parasols are perfectly designed to provide enough space underneath that nobody has to fight to sit in the shade, with room for everyone to enjoy the beautiful outdoors without being cramped. Square parasols are particularly well suited to shade al fresco dining room tables or outdoor seating areas. They tend to make an impression on guests and complements any summer barbecue or backyard party. Having a square parasol in your garden helps provide some shade during the hottest part of the day when you really want to enjoy your garden furniture. If you're planning a dinner party but your outdoor space doesn't offer enough protection from the sun, a square Platinum parasol will help keep your dinner guests cool and relaxed!

Rectangular Parasols

Rectangle Parasols

To create the ideal focal point and hub for entertaining outdoors try using a rectangle platinum parasol. A rectangular parasol is the type of large garden parasol that elevates the look of everything in your outdoor space, from tables and chairs to outdoor sofas. The rectangular shape offers shade for everyone at dining areas and draws everybody in, to relax in the cool shade it provides. Rectangle parasols are simple to use with their 360 degree rotation and handle which allows you to get them open easily. These rectangle Platinum parasols will quickly become the perfect focal point of your outdoor setting and add style to your garden or patio with our selection of stunning colours.
Parasols and garden umbrellas provide welcome respite from the sun's rays, making outdoor dining all the more enjoyable whilst keeping you and your guests cool and comfortable. A Platinum parasol from Rūma is the perfect finishing touch for any garden or outdoor space, large or small. Bring paradise to your patio and make your backyard the place to be this summer with our range of Platinum Parasols!