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Our chat with @cb_loves_interiors_20

Our Chat With @cb_loves_interiors_20

This month we got the chance to ask Cheryl from @cb_loves_interiors_20 all about her home and interior style! She shares with us her favourite room in her home and why she loves her Rūma pieces…

How Would You Describe Your Home Style / Interior?

I would say my interior style is quite modern with a Nordic twist. I always like neutral and calming colours. I also like to add a lot of texture to my home too.

Have You Always Been Interested In Interiors?

Interiors have always been one of my biggest passions. If I could design interiors all day I would. I get so excited when I have a new project to start.

Do You Have Any Design Rules In Your House?

Nothing too crazy or whacky, but no I don’t really have any rules, I just go with what I like.

What Is Your Favourite Room In The House And Why?

This is a difficult one. If I had to choose, it would be our open-plan space. I’ve been able to create lots of little areas that work on their own but together as well. I’ve got lots of interest and texture in this space by adding panelling and organic shapes. It's such a light airy space too which I love.

What Do You Like About The Products You Have?

The White Bouclé Pouffe goes perfectly with my interior. Firstly it's Bouclé which I’m obsessed with at the moment. It's also great as it has a solid top so it can be used perfectly as a side table to display things on.

The Taupe Cosi XL Fire Lantern is so great. I love the fact I have been able to use it in our home over winter to create a cosy feel and I can’t wait to use it outside in the warmer months.

If You Could Choose Any Piece From Rūma, What Would It Be And Why?

Rūma has a really great outdoor living range, so maybe some outdoor furniture or a fire pit as they have great choice and style.

Head to Cheryl's Instagram @cb_loves_interiors_20 to see more beautiful content of her home.

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Cosi XL Taupe Fire Lantern
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Bellagio Natural Antique Outdoor Corner Set
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