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How To Measure Up For Furniture

How To Measure Up Furniture

Once you have decided on your style of furniture, it’s a good idea before you buy, to check that the piece you have set your heart on, fits the space you have available in your room.

Also is that piece in proportion to the rest of the furniture in that room? A good way to check, is to map out the space the furniture is going to take, with string or tape so that you can see what space you have to get round it and how far it will come into the room.

It is important to leave yourself enough space to walk around the room or dining table, comfortably and not to overcrowd your room. A less cluttered room feels like a bigger more spacious room!

 Measuring Up Furniture

Just some pointers to consider when choosing the right pieces for you; You can add drama with darker wood pieces, particularly effective in larger rooms.

Glass Mirrored Furniture

Glass and mirrored furniture allows the light to bounce around, creating more light and the illusion of space in smaller rooms.

Stick to coordinating furniture ranges in smaller spaces.

Ruma Furniture

Always consider storage furniture pieces to enable you to keep a less cluttered aesthetic.

Occasional tables are the unsung heroes of interior décor; every living space can benefit from one or two of these. Choose for your needs; entertaining, storage or decoration.

Wood Choices

Ruma has a number of solid wood products and also veneer products. We have listed the main differences and considerations below to help in your decision-making process.

Ruma Furniture

Solid Wood

Always naturally beautiful and in some cases, considered more desirable’ though it’s not always more expensive than veneered products

Blemishes, knots, colour and grain patterns can vary in solid wood so it’s best to buy furniture that is to go in the same room in one batch.

Veneer or MDF

Veneer is actually thin slivers of real wood cut straight from the log to cover the inner board (usually MDF, particle board or another wood).

MDF is particle or compressed board that can be finished in a colour of your choice and offer a smooth contemporary look.

The options above are sometimes lighter in weight and so easier to move around than solid wood. They have been made using super technology and therefore are stronger than solid wood on occasions with less warping or twisting. Also environmentally friendly in that natural resources are less in demand.

So really, as you can see the choice is yours and the good outweighs the not as good in both instances. It is just about purchasing what is right for you, and the job you require it to do.