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How to Declutter Your House and Clear Your Mind

As the Christmas decorations are being put away around the house, it’s the perfect time to consider organising and decluttering your home. After a hectic few weeks socialising, hosting guests and looking after the day to day cleaning of your house, now is the time to dig a little deeper and really get into those forgotten cupboards. So whether it's a single room or the whole house that you want to organise, to get inspired to handle the clutter and give your home a fresh new look, we’ve compiled our top tips and tricks to declutter your house and clear your mind. 

Donating Anything You No Longer Need

Post Christmas is a great time to sort out anything that no longer has a place in your home, giving you more space to neatly house any new gifts received. Decluttering is not just about getting rid of the things you don't use anymore. It's also about finding room in your life for the things that do matter. Donating items to charity will create room in your home while helping someone else out! Donate clothes and shoes, books or DVDs — anything that doesn't fit into your life anymore. There are even charities specifically set up to accept furniture donations, often with locations where you can drop off your items, or you can sometimes schedule a pickup. 

Make The Most Of Storage Baskets 

They come in many shapes and sizes, offering versatile but subtle storage solutions which are a must-have in the home. Woven baskets are great for shoes, gloves and hats or blankets. You’ll also find large storage baskets suitable for laundry, to keep everything organised in the bedroom. Thanks to their small size and stackable nature, you may also use them to arrange items of clothing in the bottom of a wardrobe, to maximise your storage space.

Storage Baskets

Use Tallboy Units In The Home Office For Easy Organisation

Messy paperwork certainly doesn't get us feeling motivated or inspired, and having a clutter free space to work to start the new year off successfully is sure to clear your mind. If you have a lot of papers or documents that need to be stored, tall boy units are a great option for keeping them organised and neatly contained. You can store A4 documents in these units so that they are easily accessible when needed but away from sight. 

Tall Boy Units

The best thing about tallboys is they're incredibly versatile; they can be used not only in the home office but also in bedrooms as well as any other room in the house. They're perfect for storing all those little things that we don't need on display but still want close by - like jewellery and accessories without taking up a lot of room.

Explore Bar Cabinets For Storing Your Favourite Drink

If you enjoy hosting, you may wonder how best to store and display your glasses and tipples. Bottles can easily take over kitchen or dining room surface space, which is in high demand if preparing lunch or a spread for friends and family. Free standing bar cabinets are sure to impress guests while keeping your drinks together in one place. The cabinet can also be moved around the home. depending on where you are hosting. The top surface space can be used for displaying ornaments, candles or lanterns, or can be used for pouring and mixing drinks.

Ruma Bar Cabinet

Decluttering is a great way to clear your mind of the stresses and strains of the festive season and get back on track with the new year. So, here we have given you a few ideas to get you started and don’t forget, decluttering will give you a sense of control over your physical environment. It's also a great stress reliever, and as with many things in life, the more we repeat the process, the better at it we'll get. It may seem like a daunting task at first, but keep in mind that it'll be easier to tackle each area bit by bit. With a little sorting each day, you’ll be ready to tackle the new year with a bang!