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Country Cottage Garden Styling

Country Cottage Garden Styling

Discover an outdoor space that exudes a country cottage style by combining neutral colours, and natural wooden accents to create an idyllic outdoor space.

Outdoor Lounging & Seating

An Outdoor Seating Set is the perfect way to bring a Country Cottage style to your outdoor space. Choose an Outdoor Furniture Set like the Elba Seating Set that has a wooden frame and neutral toned cushions to encompass the natural textures and materials found in the Cottage Core style.

Al Fresco Dining

Outdoor Dining Sets are a great way to extend your dining area. There are many benefits to having an outdoor dining set, from creating additional seating and table space for summer BBQ’s, to catching a few sun rays whilst enjoying your evening meal.

The Lombok Range emanates a Scandi feel with the black metal legs and the subtle grey tone of the rope back, which oozes a sense of serenity and relaxation.

Atmospheric Outdoor Spaces

As the evening draws in, Cosi Fire Pits and Lanterns are a great way to extend your garden parties into the night. Place a few neutral Fire Lanterns around your outdoor space to create an ambient glow. Gather your guests around a wooden Fire Pit, to keep them toasty all evening long.

Comfortable Shade

There may be times you want a break from the sun, so having an area of your garden that is shaded is essential for creating a serene outdoor space. Platinum Parasols are a great way to provide shade, whilst offering flexibility, style and a range of neutral colours that blend seamlessly into the natural setting of your garden like Taupe, Grey and Olive.