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Build Your Own Lighting

Building your own lighting bundle can be a great way to customise your interior and cement your desired theme. Whether you are looking for a table lamp, floor lamp or wall light, you can select something just for you and in line with your decor requirements. Lighting pairing and combinations can create unique looks that reflect individual style choices, letting you bring a one-of-a-kind lamp into your home. With so many options available, finding a customisable lighting solution has never been easier. Setting up your perfect environment becomes simple and affordable - light up your home today with some of the Ruma team's particular favourites.

The Karima White Marble Table Lamp is a sleek and sophisticated table lamp base that looks amazing with a variety of shades from our fabulous range. Our personal preference for this lamp base at Ruma HQ would be a 30cm cylinder shade, of which we have suggested three options below, but the world is your oyster!

Shade 1 with the clean natural white marble base and Malalos Taupe Handloom Cylinder Shade will look amazing in a neutral interior, perhaps Minimalist or even Scandi. The lamp will look stunning on a side table in your living room to create ambient lighting.

Karima white marble table lamp and taupe shade

Shade 2 is a striking look with a strong black and white monochrome colour palette. The combination of the beautiful white marble base juxtaposed with the Basilan Black Self Lined Linen Drum Shade,  a rich, bold slubby linen effect, will look breathtaking as a statement piece on a console table in your entrance hall greeting your guests.

Karima marble Lamp And black Shade

Shade 3 is perfectly pretty with our soft and sumptuous Dufrene Apricot Velvet Cylinder Shade. The opulent velvet shade in soft apricot is the cherry on the top for our Karima White Marble Table Lamp. The contemporary combination will look phenomenal in your living room or entrance hall, or why not use this exquisite table lamp as a statement on your bedside table to introduce a pop of subtle colour and texture  exuding elegance while you're winding down for the night.

Karima Marble table lamp and pink velvet shade

The true beauty of building your own finished lighting product is perfectly demonstrated here, as each shade creates a very different style enabling you to create your own personal story.

Next, we move on to our Penguin Cinnamon Tea Caddy Table Lamp which in this instance we have chosen to pair with the 40cm Dufrene Tobacco Velvet Shade, but of course other shade options are available, in fact for every base only table lamp we suggest six shade options to create your desired look. The stunning, statement table lamp is perfect for adding a certain flair and je ne sais quoi to any room. The combination of the cinnamon orange base and velvet shade adds warmth to your home, bringing a unique element that will be highly complementary to existing décor. The table lamp exudes sophistication and style and is sure to light up any living space. 

Penguin tea caddy lamp with velvet tobacco shade

We love this trendy lamp placed in the living room, where its beauty and unique colour can show off, creating a visually striking focal point that draws attention from all angles.

So how does the bundling feature work? I hear you cry! 

Once you have fallen in love with a lamp base, and let me tell you, that's very easy when perusing the Ruma site, you will be given the choice of 6 beautiful shade options.

Simply click on the shade of your choice, and voila, the finished look will be revealed!

Shade bundling

We have chosen to check out our handsome penguin chap with a stunning Goodwood Black Poly Cotton Lamp Shade which we think emits an air of grandeur and sophistication, perfect for our penguin pal. The combination of the beautifully illustrated lamp base in strong cinnamon colour is further accentuated with the sleek black shade. The lamp base will look magnificent on a console table in your hallway to wow your visitors, a side table in your living room to illuminate a quiet corner or why not be totally decadent and create an extravagant boutique hotel feel in your bedroom?

Penguin tea caddy and black shade

Now all you have to do is add your chosen combination to the basket and checkout, easy peasy!

Building your own lighting is a great way to personalise lighting solutions for any room in your home. It gives you the freedom to choose lamp base styles, different colours, and sizes of lamp shades, for interchangeable products that will work together to create beautiful interior lighting with full flexibility. Pairing individual elements into an easy-to-purchase bundle allows you to design exactly what you need, it's no wonder building your own lighting has become more popular than ever before! 

Although we have suggested 6 gorgeous lamp shade options for every lamp base, don’t forget these are just suggestions, Once you have the recommended shade size for your lamp base you can easily choose any shade from our extensive range to suit your interior style, the sky’s the limit! 

Hopefully, this blog post has inspired you to create a unique lamp of your own, whether you choose to take our recommendations or create something one-of-a-kind of your own.