About Us

Our Story 

Having had a wealth of experience of scouring the globe for on trend, versatile, unique home products for the home décor market for high street retailers, the team at Rūma wanted to showcase a curated collection of those products, directly to you, the consumer.

Involved in the designing and importing of furniture, lighting and home accents for longer than we care to mention, we felt we wanted to showcase some of our stylish interior furnishing heroes, with a particular slant on the versatility of individual products. We did wonder if sometimes these products seemed untouchable, designed and showcased by professionals for professionals, in settings that we could only imagine…

So, our journey began; we set about creating a platform where we can present the possibility of how even just one, beautifully made product, can help you personalise the look of your living space.

The products and suppliers...

Our products are designed and made using our trusted suppliers across the globe, many of whom we have worked with for many years. Our close working relationships with our supplier network ensure our designs are translated into beautiful, unique products skillfully crafted by artisan workers. Our product range is designed to give you the opportunity to fall in love with your interior (or outdoors!) by giving it a small refresh or even a complete home décor overhaul.

And the team...?

The ethos of the team behind Rūma is simple; we strive to achieve an approachable, easily translatable format for interior design ideas with beautiful images and friendly suggestions, and of course fabulous, original pieces that have been designed and sourced with quality and style in mind. At the helm of these values, and sitting neatly cocooned and embedded in everything we do, is our second-to-none, customer service.

What’s in a name...?

The Maori word Rūma means ‘to make a room’; we believe we have the right products and inspiration, for everyone to do just that, and more, for themselves.


So, enjoy browsing and shopping the possibilities of your dream interior!